Company Profile

Focus Biotech Recruiting has developed a very targeted approach to recruiting for those difficult, technical searches.  We work as an extended arm to HR to provide only very qualified and well vetted candidates.   Our sweet spot is very focused in Life Science, Diagnostics or Applied Testing, CRO, Consumer Product Testing, Digital Testing and Cyber Security markets.  Within these markets we have the skill set to recruit  for very technical positions such as IT, Bioinformatic, Engineers and Cyber Security candidates.


President - Lisa Sweeney

Past work experience includes application areas such as: qPCR, NGS, Genotyping, DNA Sequencing, Gene Expression and Clinical Blood Bank testing, Automation.  Recruiting experience with Technical, Sales/Mktg, Executive positions.  11 years of target market experience: Life Science and Diagnostics, Cyber Security, Digital Testing, CRO, Environmental Testing, Consumer Product Testing, Translational and Precision Medicine.   Lisa utilizes a collaborations with several well know recruiters to expand recruiting resources. 


Phone: 858 761-2677